Our Strategy

Concero Connect addresses the needs of the underserved and impoverished around the world by delivering affordable connectivity infrastructure coupled with an appropriate socially beneficial suite of e-services, many of which can be cached directly in the Community Builder satellite earth station unit for efficient use of backhaul.  As a result many of these services are then free to registered users.

Concero's in-country teams become the local service providers who deliver VSAT equipment, bandwidth, finacial inclusion services and support to communities in their region.


Just one example, today, over 500,000 unconnected Post Offices exist worldwide.

Concero Connect and its partners are collaborating with country government authorities, communities, post offices and with other organizations like the United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union and Universal Postal Union to transform local Post Offices and other key sites into community centers that offer:

• Real 25x3Mb Broadband Internet service, via WIFI, 2G/3G and other last mile wireless connection options
• Secure mobile financial services including mobile money and mobile banking, which dramatically reduces the cost of broadband
• Solar powered, satellite back haul, eliminating all cables, wires and digging ditches

Also included is Global Postal Track and Trace, which allows packages to be securely shipped and received anywhere in the world.  This will change the dynamics of the BOP.

Concero Connect works with trusted partners to provide community services that will help create:

  • Economic opportunities and job training
  • Education, Healthcare, Emergency Management
  • Mentoring opportunities, social business creation, ChangeMaking
  • Civic Services, goverment payments, bill payments, money transfer for the unbanked