Concero Connect Projects

Starting as far back as 1997 the founders of Concero Connect have worked to bring broadband connectivity to the world.  We really understand the technology of how to bring broadband Internet to a remote community by solar powered satellite.  The issue has always been, how do you make it sustainable? 

Many satelltie based projects around the world have failed becuase they are not sustainable.  Concero Connect has solved the problem.

In 2003, Grameen Foundation started Village Phone in Uganda which replicated Grameen Phone of Bangladesh.  The most interesting thing about the use of phones was that people were using phone minutes as currency.

Later, came M-Pesa in Kenya.  Today, mobile money is becoming THE method for financial inclusion around the world.

By sharing a small percentage of the mobile money transfer fees, Concero Connect is able to make the connectivity sustainable. Once the CapEx is funded, the revenue share on the finacial transactions funds the recurring costs of maintaining the system and satellite recurring costs.  WOW, think of that!