About Us


Concero Connect delivers radically affordable broadband satellite connectivity to the underprivileged and underserved around the world. Working with local and international partners, Concero Connect enables access to telecommunications, education, healthcare, government and financial services.

Working closely with local citizens and taking an holistic perspective to adoption, Concero seeks a wide range of beneficial outcomes for the individuals and groups involved in, or affected by, its work.


Concero Connect brings connectivity and financial inclusion to unconnected and underdeveloped communities to improve opportunities for self-development using broadband Internet access to services, information and education - creating opportunity, improving quality of life, and enhancing livelihoods. The company seeks social, financial, operational and environmental sustainability in every aspect of its operations.

How We Work

With a special pricing mechanism on satellite backhaul via a partnership with Intelsat, and a partnership with RedCloud Technologies, a leading mobile money provider, Concero is able to make connectivity affordable and sustainable for the first time. By using a share of the transaction fee revenue on mobile money transactions to pay for most of the operating costs, customers need only pay a low per month subscription fee appropriate to the economy of each country.

A solar-powered, free-standing, self-aligning broadband satellite earth station -- the "Community Builder" -- is placed near a community site such as a Post Office or school and supported by a significant locally-implemented adoption effort. Our partner, Ashoka, activates its network of Ashoka Fellows and other changemakers to speed adoption and help the best ideas spread rapidly.  In-country teams manage maintenance, government and carrier relations and market development, while supported by a global operations and business development team.

Grameen Social Business

Inspired by principles set forth by Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus, and established as an L3C company, Concero Connect serves its social mission in a financially sustainable manner. The Social Business is different from a non-profit or charity organization in that it utilizes a business model and strategies to generate profits that are used for the company to meet its mission while becoming sustainable and returning investments.

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L3C Company

Concero Connect is an L3C company - a Low-Profit Limited Liability Company - which is a company explicitly formed to further a social mission. The L3C status allows Concero Connect to pursue its social mission in the same fashion as a non-profit (501c(3)) organization but while also incorporates for-profit business principles of operation.

With its L3C status, Concero Connect can accept capitalization via royalty-based debt investments and allows a private foundation to invest via a Program Related Investment (PRI.) These structures both offer a return on debt financing. Contact us for more information. Grants may be used as well to pay costs incurred by our non-profit partners and/or by NGOs wishing to receive connectivity support.