Who We Are

Concero Connect, L3C is a Grameen Social Business.




What We Do

Concero Connect provides affordable, satellite broadband Internet and financial inclusion, bringing opportunity to remote and underserved areas of the world 



How We Do It

Local community members are engaged to make the most of a solar-powered, stand-alone, self-aligning satellite earth station that offers low-cost broadband paid for by a portion of fees from mobile money transactions.

We deliver services no one should have to live without.

 The Concero Connect Community Builder System works anywhere in the world!


  • Solar Powered Broadband, with WIFI, 2G/3G
  • Mobile Money and Mobile Banking
  • E-Commerce, Education, Healthcare, Financial Inclusion, Emergency Management


At Concero Connect,
we believe Internet
access and finacial inclusion are human
rights. It is our aim
to bring access to
img1.png For those living in remote areas, access to the Internet means access to life-altering and life-saving mobile applications.
img2.png An estimated 75% of the developing world’s poor live in rural areas.
img3.png Currently, 70% of the world’s population remains unconnected; that’s over FOUR BILLION people.



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